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Flexible and Custom Maintenance Programs Available

We offer weekly or bi weekly service programs for residential tubs based on the frequency that the tub is getting used.   


Services are billed on a per visit basis.


It is our approach to offer consisitent and quality service which allow us to be proactive and more successful in maintaining the health of your water and the overall functions of the tub.


If a spa requires repairs, we will make recommendations, and coordinate those services with qualified local repair technicians in the region.


We do not offer services at properties that are in the short term rental market. 


  • Test & balance water chemistry

  • Add Chlorine, Salt, PH or Shock treatments as needed 

  • Clean filters 

  • Vacuum & skim debris

  • Maintain proper water levels & temperature settings

  • Brush & rinse tub walls and cover 

  • Maintain history & records

  • Inspect tub and contact client of any equipment failures or need for additional services.


  • Service recommended on an annual or bi annual basis to avoid algae and bacteria build up.  

  • Additional drains may be necessary if water in the tub is compromised and becomes extremely cloudy or develops a bad odor.  

  • Service & pricing includes a Swirl Away treatment to flush pipes & equipment, the removal of the old water, scrubbing & rinsing walls and then refilling tub w fresh water, restarting tub, checking functions, and balancing the water with necessary treatments. 

  • In addition, fees will be assessed for new filters or cartridges that are replaced during this service. 


  • Hourly Fee $ 65/hr billed in 1/4 hr increments (time spent above and beyond a regular service of 20 minutes)

  • Algaecide Treatment

  • Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxid

  • Conditioning Bag

  • Defender Treatment

  • Filters

  • Salt, Chlorine, Mineral Cartridges


  • Service Visit | $75

  • Drain & Refill Service | $300

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