Flexible and Custom Maintenance Programs Available

Spa Maintenance services are successful when managed properly by a trained professional to inspect proper function of your equipment, proper levels of additives, and over all monitoring and adjustments to ensure the water in your tub is healthy and clean.

The need for spa services vary on the amount of use your tub gets and the care taken by users prior to entering your tub.  Requiring guests to shower prior to using your tub to remove lotion, sunscreen, and dirt is the most beneficial practice to help reduce potential problems with your water.


Allowing the tub to get fresh air flow and water circulation by using your jets weekly is also a huge proponent to maintaining excellent water quality.  Ultimately, it is our goal as technicians,to keep water clean and to avoid any bacteria growth in your tub that can cause undesirable skin irritations.


Maintaining proper chemistry levels will help water to efficiently process chlorine and shock additives, which allows them to work properly, efficiently, and be used more conservatively.


Proper PH levels between 7.2 and 7.8, total alkalinity of 80 - 120 ppm, and normal calcium hardness levels is crucial to preventing sanitizing issues, corroded equipment, skin and eye irritants, scale formations, and shorter filter runs.


For all low or non-­use periods, it is important to have someone visually check that the spa is functioning correctly and maintain the spa water as per the instructions under the Water Chemistry section of your owner’s guide. Not doing so may lead to corrosion, staining, and/or scaling to the spa and its equipment.


During periods of freezing temperatures, a spa that has malfunctioned may be subject to damaged plumbing or equipment as a result of ice buildup within the spa. Hot tubs in our mountain environment should be checked and maintained on a regular basis in order to avoid potential equipment damage.